The Kingdom of Boredom

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“Life, friends, is boring.” – Henry [John Berryman’s The Dreamsongs]

The fairy tale always ends
with the achievement of kingdom,
just as Christmas stories end
at Christmas, at the height of joy.

What comes after, when we’ve gotten
what we’ve sought, is a story
we abhor, as we know what we have
we can’t keep – our favorite toys,

our children by our sides, pets
sombre at our feet, our spouses happy.
But life goes on, that drill that moves
despite our protests, despite our love.

And not wanting to be left behind,
we seek to follow it: this life: believing
there’s a present in the future, and that nothing
is a void we should never celebrate.



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  1. Felicia
    January 4, 2014

    There is always hope. A gift which can be regifted over and over again. It is one that should be given freely and often. I truly enjoyed this. Thank you.


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