Poetry by Jennie Maynard Tilton

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A Winter of Grief

Grief happens in a myriad of different ways.
Some days it comes like falling winter’s snow,
Going on and on, it seems that
Tears are all you will ever know.

And then, it comes like a blizzard,
With its harshness, burying you;
Leaving you trying to make sense
of everything you thought you knew.

There are days it is a quiet sadness,
Much like a numbing cold,
It can be so disorienting
As new emotions continue to unfold.

Grieving can be very lonely
Like a cold, dark winter’s night.
But many insights can be gained
As you wait for morning’s light.

Eventually, sadness does subside,
You find your joy has returned
With the beautiful snowflakes of happy memories,
As the lessons of grief have been learned.

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