These are links to businesses run by contributors to this site and other artistic friends:

    • Elayne A. Russel has creative offerings all over the map. If you enjoyed her Haiku and Photography check out her Etsy shop – crocheted scarfs, cool sauce guitar picks, jewelery, recycled paper crafts and lots more: MoonGipsies¬†. See her Photography and Haiku here.
    • Brooke Stant is a master chemist and saponificator. Click to find luscious soaps and other bath goods with shocking, soothing and just plain interesting handcrafted scents. Villaness
    • Jennifer Polle is a communications and social media specialist as well as a clinical hypnotherapist. She sells her therapeutic hypnosis CDs and MP3s via and via Amazon. See her paper crafts here.
    • Stacy Dianne Salmon – Read more of Stacy’s writing here. And check out the antique and craft booth she runs with her aunt and grandmother here!
    • Monika Mamtohodost Moon – Take a look at Monika’s jewelery and crocheted hats and mittens here.¬†¬† Monika’s Mom makes the beautiful crocheted bells on the site. She’s been too busy to keep her Etsy shop stocked but hopes that will change in the future. Visit her Etsy shop here.

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