Leigh Charles: Art, in all its forms translate stories from very many different perspectives. And to me, that is the beauty of art in a nutshell. I have an appreciation of art in all its forms, from Haiku, to photography, to sculptures, to paintings. I enjoy them all! I see much beauty in witnessing the artists’ impressions and perspectives both about their inner world and the world which surrounds them and their environment.

Though not formally trained, I get immense pleasure from writing and relaying stories through this medium. It is important for an intuitive to form and develop a creative expression of their inner world.

To this end, I am mightily proud to have been included in this project, and derived great joy from witnessing all the other participants fabulous contributions. Thanks guys for a fantastic effort! I will be looking forward to the next project.

Elayne A. Russell: ~~dreamer, photographer, jewelry artist~~ Grew up in PA, was an exchange student to Germany, went to college in NY, married, traveled throughout the USA. Retired RN. Professional photographer since 1986. Jewelry Fabricator since 1997. Maker of stuff my whole life. Former co-owner of a gallery. Cancer survivor. 2 great kids & an awesome hubby. Loved by my dog.

Blogs: Moon Gipsies and Light Through the Leaves

Kimm Kiriako: I’ve worked as a graphic artist since the early 90s but only recently started doing art for art’s sake. I’ve taken up drawing for relaxation and am fascinated by asemic writing , pictograms and other abstract art forms. My favorite media are black paper, colored pens and pencils. Other art forms I enjoy dabbling in are photo essays and video art.

Blogs: Kimchi Art and Travels

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