Essay by Victor Morgado

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Free Spirit Holidays I understand well how Jean Michel Basquiat felt on that Christmas Eve in the house of his art dealer in Zurich. The art dealer and his family were shock to realized that Jean Michel would rather stay in his room listening to music and writing on such holiday. Not many people would […]

A Season in Hell by Arthur Rimbaud

translated by Bertrand Mathieu A while back, if I remember right, my life was one long party where all hearts were open wide, where all wines kept flowing. One night, I sat Beauty down on my lap.—And I found her galling.—And I roughed her up. I armed myself against justice. I ran away. O witches, […]

Poetry by Victor Morgado

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Journey towards Winter During the after math of the great massacre by Yantuno, great grand father of the first emperor of the civilization known today as the Mayans, a group of survivors gathered their strength and headed North following the stars. The leader of the group, a tall long hair warrior known as Wantani, son […]