Short Story by Leigh Charles

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Fragments of Winter The scruffy little boy knocked timidly upon the blue painted door. His knuckles hurt against the cold. Still, he rapped again. He shuffled his feet in the snow beneath and began to flap his arms against himself in a vain effort to promote warmth upon his frail little body. The waiting seemed […]

Haiku and Photography by Michael Simon

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Cherry tree Snow floor, tinseled branch Red light shivers

Haiku and Poetry by Elayne A. Russel

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discolored with age these resplendent old barn boards are magic at dusk

Poetry by Michael Simon

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Holiday Cur Sings Ambition has no season. Nor does blessing or curse, two presents we long for and fight against in any season. I have been given a bone with a bow. I carry it into my dark kennel, gnawing away with purpose, with passion. I will not savor it. I will not be sated. […]