Drawing by Kimm Kiriako

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Metallic pens and colored pencils on black paper.

Poetry by Ronnie Robertson

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Within his heart his soul so deep She had lost herself, alone to weep For he had left her here, in a cold so vast She could not find her way, no spells could she cast Her cloak blows in silence, through winter mist As she feels still, the lips she had kissed She is […]

An Essay by Stacy Dianne Salmon

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“There are places in this world that aren’t made out of stone.” -Shawshank Redemption My eyes flew open. I felt the overwhelming desire to look out my window and see ten inches of snow. Which is weird because it’s summer. When I say it was overwhelming, I mean it. The desire was so strong I […]

Poetry by Michael Simon

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Winter Leaves are memories Trees, unmoved, don’t care ….. ….. Winter Memories leave, displaced Trees are unmoved

Poetry by Jennie Maynard Tilton

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A Winter of Grief Grief happens in a myriad of different ways. Some days it comes like falling winter’s snow, Going on and on, it seems that Tears are all you will ever know. And then, it comes like a blizzard, With its harshness, burying you; Leaving you trying to make sense of everything you […]