Saponification by Brooke Stant

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‘This is something I wanted to add, to me it is quintessential winter. I don’t like the emphasis on warm/cozy/cinnamon this time of year – I’d prefer to emphasise the cold and stark. The only thing that slowed me down is that this soap is not currently avail, although I’ll have some made for early […]

Poetry by Victor Morgado

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Journey towards Winter During the after math of the great massacre by Yantuno, great grand father of the first emperor of the civilization known today as the Mayans, a group of survivors gathered their strength and headed North following the stars. The leader of the group, a tall long hair warrior known as Wantani, son […]

Acrylic Painting by Farshad Sanaee

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Release, Acrylic on Board 61x91cm By Farshad Sanaee The Apple